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2 comments on indiegogo.com/projects/wisebutton

#WiseButton also serves as an item finder.

Wise Button is compatible with any operational system: #Android, #iOS, #WindowsPhone.You can connect this universal button to your smartphones, tablets, music players, PCs and laptops – literally anything.
&Rob 2014-02-20 00:41:05

#WiseButton is a universal remote control and also a brilliant tracking device.

Wise Button helps you browse through your photo gallery, video files or websites without touching the device itself. You can even make presentations using the Wise Button. You want to skip a song playing on your stereo in the other room or play it once again? Wise Button can do it for you. You can also use it with your built-in camera and take pictures, film videos or record sound remotely.
&Rob 2014-02-18 15:35:02