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1 comment on bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-15/is-your-thermostat-spying-on-you-.html

Is Your #Thermostat #Spying On You?

Interesting perspective on the intend to keep the #Nest collected data private - and away from #Google -with the additional notion:
Whether we want it or not, the data will be collected and used. Companies like #TurnstyleSolutions in #Toronto are already tracking people's physical movements using signals from their smartphones. Anyone who has #WiFi turned on can be tracked doing their daily routines, categorized as a "yoga-goer" or a "hipster" and used, along with others, by merchants to work out which services to offer and when. The company also provides free WiFi in restaurants and bars. To join the network, a customer has to agree to the transfer of some personal data. One Turnstyle client, a restaurant owner, hired a DJ to play '80s music on Fridays after he found out most of his WiFi-using customers were over 30.
&Rob 2014-01-15 14:32:59