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"The COVER of the Economist Magazine on Jan 1988 predicts World Currency by 2018! Plot or

Is this #EconomistMagazine cover from 1988 showing us what will be happening in #2018 ? #SatoshiNakamoto is the supposed founder of #Bitcoin yet he seems to not exist as a real person. In #Japanese #Satoshi means (born from ashes) and #Nakamoto means from the center. It sure seems to be what the magazine is depicting , but #Bitcoin has been sold to the public as being distributed peer to peer with no central planning . The 2 notions are #antithetical to each other so is #Bitcoin just a trial run to test #Blockchains technology before they move us to a centralized digital currency? It sure seems like it.
&neo 2017-08-10 13:55:31