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International Coffee Organization - Improving Quality

The #InternationalCoffeeOrganization (the #ICO) guidelines for the #MoistureContent of #GreenCoffeeBeans stipulates that the range should be 8 to 12.5 % Following the recommendations of this Committee, the International Coffee Council adopted Resolution 407 in February 2002 to implement the Coffee Quality Improvement Programme (CQP), subsequently modified by Resolution 420 adopted in May 2004. The Programme consists of target standards for exportable coffee, providing that exporting Members shall strive not to export coffee that has the following characteristics: For Arabica, in excess of 86 defects per 300g sample (New York green coffee classification/Brazilian method, or equivalent); and, for Robusta, in excess of 150 defects per 300 grammes (Vietnam, Indonesia, or equivalent); For both Arabica and Robusta, moisture content below 8 percent or in excess of 12.5 percent, measured using the ISO 6673 method
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