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2 comments on youtube.com/embed/ryO2JLzFPTY

Henry Ford Hemp Plastic Car

Remarkable footage, #Ford impresses, Henry Ford that is. What other naturally sourced material with a negative #CarbonFootprint can do that?
&Rob 2015-03-05 20:17:15

#HenryFord #Hemp Plastic #Car - YouTube

There are some recent news articles that proclaim that Hemp cars and the hemp plastics they're are made from are the future! and here is Henry Ford in 1941 striking his with a sledgehammer without effect as it is 10x tougher than steel. We have been played ! by big oil and the steel industry titans and their puppets in the government. Enough of this #prohibition on a better way of life.
&neo 2015-03-04 19:44:51