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2 comments on youtube.com/embed/oWpbNTfgjXY

Jeremy Narby on Nature & Life Intelligence - YouTube

Author of #TheCosmicSerpent where he proposes that what establishes a unity in all of life is #DNA . We really are half #bananas when you consider the common genetic code. DNA is an antenna where it picks up photonic traffic between organisms. Electromagnetic waves - photons- are transmitted and received by #crystalline structures in the organisms .. he proposes that #JunkDNA acts like a crystal to perform this function. Seems to me though, is that Jeremy is still not getting a handle on the nature of #consciousness .
&neo 2018-08-28 11:56:57

Jeremy Narby on Nature & Life Intelligence - YouTube

#JeremyNarby 's life was transformed after his experience with #Ayahuasca while working with the indigenous people of the #AmazonRainforest. That experience showed him that we are not separate from the plant and animal kingdom. It also made clear to him that all beings are sentient and intelligent and that while our #BigBrains may help with the speed of decision making the brain is not required for accumulating information, gaining knowledge, and making decisions as #natural life does it all the time down to the #SingleCell organism.
&neo 2018-08-28 11:27:56