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2 comments on youtube.com/embed/nb2g9_4AlQU

Dr. Robert Schoch: Atlantis And The Origins Of Civilization - YouTube

Another early advanced culture referenced in 'Mythological Poetry', #Dwarka, seems to be getting more attention these days having been pronounced as not just fantasy painted by the poetic epic the #Mahabharata but as 'the real city of Krishna' by lead archaeologist S.R. #Rao. Similarly, #Troy was discovered by amateur archaeologist #FrankCalvert who was convinced the #Iliad was factual and not pure poetic mythology. In the same vein, someday #Atlantis will be considered to be a given.
&neo 2014-07-09 15:43:21

Dr. Robert #Schoch: Atlantis And The Origins Of Civilization

Dr Schock places the date of the destruction of #Atlantis at 9600 BC based on the chronology laid out in the #Platonic dialogues.
&neo 2014-07-09 15:41:19