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3 comments on youtube.com/embed/YoBIBpJYKOE

Speed Reading Strategies For Technical Material - YouTube

Try the 25-5 strategy - read for 25 minutes beak for 5 minutes. #Notes to 22 minute mark STOP.
&neo 2015-04-09 15:03:40

Speed Reading Strategies For Technical Material - YouTube

#SupverseDevelopment It is important to choose the proper number of keywords...not too many or too few. Consider a #Mindmap of the material. recommended software xmind.net mindmapping software. simplemind mindmeister another solution is to make #NotesInTheMargin . Only read the part of the book or article that is #relevant to your #purpose. Follow the 80/20 #ParetoPrinciple where 80 percent of the material is fluff. Speed Adjustment strategy .. Read the 1st sentence slowly then speed up through the paragraph. #Accelareader software for reading digital material to help follow along.
&neo 2015-04-09 15:00:24

#SpeedReading Strategies For #TechnicalMaterial #SupverseResearch

#Comprehension - what you understand while reading the material and #Retention - what you remember . Losing sight of the big picture while getting bogged down in details. Make a short list of questions to set a specific purpose. Use the #MultipleReadingProcess - Preview Overview Read.
&neo 2015-04-09 14:40:54