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1 comment on sfgate.com/insidescoop/article/kombucha-trader-joes-alcohol-sugar-content-lawsuit-12826666.php

Kombucha battle: Trader Joe's, others lie about alcohol content in kombuchas, lawsuit clai

A kombucha battle has descended upon California's courts. A series of lawsuits filed Monday on behalf of a California kombucha company alleges the kombucha beverages produced by Trader Joe's and other manufacturers are more alcoholic and sugary than advertised. Tortilla Factory LLC, which owns Los Angeles-based Kombucha Dog, claims six kombucha producers Trader Joe's Co., Better Booch LLC, Health-Ade Kombucha LLC, Humm Kombucha LLC, Makana Beverages Inc. and Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha LLC tricked consumers into purchasing beverages they believed had no or minimal amounts of alcohol and sugar. Prior to the four lawsuits Monday, two were filed in December.
&neo 2018-11-24 13:21:28