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1 comment on propagandamatrix.com/diocletian.html

#Diocletian's ProblemReactionSolution

The Emperor needed a #crisis to put the purge of the#Christians into overdrive. This was accomplished when he had his guards set fire to his own palace in #Nicomedia on two different occasions at the end of February, 303 AD. A crushing set of edicts then followed as the Christians were blamed for the blaze. So Diocletian ordered the first #FalseFlag attack on his own palace in order to justify his continued tyrannical rule creating a false enemy just like TPTB have done today with #Al_Qaeda . It's amazing that 2000 years later there is nothing new under the sun and even in this age of having the information all around us we are all still deceived. #HegelianDialectic #OrderFromChaos #OrdoAbChao
&neo 2014-04-03 12:02:16