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2 comments on i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk157/BOJAMforeva/WTC Transit Hub/SAM_1003.jpg

If I were to venture a guess here Banksy is aware of the dirty deeds perpetrated on that fateful day by the cabal including #LarrySilverstein the WTC lease holder who just months after securing the lease on the aging #asbestos riddled twin towers turned his small investment into a $multi-billion payday while avoiding the costly asbestos removal thanks to the demolition of the structures including #Building7. The new building is a phallic monument to their patriarchal greed, war mongering, blood lust, war without end and human misery. How else would you approach such a tender subject if you're Banksy?
&neo 2013-10-28 14:24:44

The Port Authority finally unveiled the underground passageway, designed by #SantiagoCalatrava , Thursday (10/14) linking the World Trade Center and the office complex formerly known as the World Financial Center. I wonder if #Banksy considered this space when he wrote his rant that the #OneWorldTradeCenter has no spirit or audacity. Perhaps he's lacking the perspective that not everything is superficial in America and sometimes one needs to go deep and descend to see the light. Regardless at least he stays true to his work: Better Out Than In #September_11_2011 #Banksyny
&Rob 2013-10-28 13:09:15