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6 comments on huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/31/johnny-manziel-autorgraph-rice_n_3849723.html?flv=1

No...not while they are in college. Making it to the #NFL and #getting_paid is the main drive most of these superstars have to outperforming everyone else on the field. If a #superstar got paid in college they for one would create a #social_bias with his fellow classmates. There are just as many #talented_athletes at the same college that would not be getting paid only because there particular sport is not as #mainstream
&jaybird 2013-09-01 15:11:27

So you agree Jaybird that talent attracts money...? So should that talent be compensated more than they currently are for bringing all of that revenue in for the school they compete for?
&zerotoinfinity 2013-09-01 14:57:06

Oh for sure. Anytime you have a #superstar running through your school's program....you getting major #airtime on the major networks
&jaybird 2013-09-01 01:52:57

Again, #ncaa_football is super huge business. But as this article points to, it also keeps many sports at colleges afloat financially.. http://www.forbes.com/sites/sportsmoney/2011/05/05/does-football-fund-other-sports-at-college-level/
&zerotoinfinity 2013-09-01 01:47:56

Extremely talented player, no doubt about that! The thing is this, how much money does his talent bring to #TexasA&M ? Enough he should be paid something? Sure seems it at this point. Big time #college_football is huge money, and you'll never hear me say the athletes who play it are not given much for their time and effort, but it's nothing in $$ terms compared to the television contracts and boosters of these programs.
&zerotoinfinity 2013-09-01 01:31:20

I have mixed feelings about this #Johnny_Manziel thing. Although it was only one half of a game I think people are making too much of an issue of it. He is pretty cocky and arrogant, but he is a talented #Quarterback and there are too many #haters Thoughts?
&jaybird 2013-09-01 00:59:47