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1 comment on crichtonmiller.com

The Celtic Cross, Crichton EM Miller

Believe it or not the #CelticCross has been issued 2 #patents. This book by #CrichtonEMMiller reveals that the Celtic Cross is a machine to measure the wheels and cycles of Nature and the Heavens with which our ancestors once kept Time and invented the zodiacs. Time keeping and prediction resulted from its use and a deep understanding of spiritual values forgotten in our modern world. Misinterpretation and sometimes deliberate obscurity and ignorance by religious and scientific authorities has led to a distorted view in the historical perspective of our ancient past. To measure is to Rule just like the instrument you used at School, learn what the Rulers kept secret for 2 millennia and how they understood and measured Time Temple means place of Time, understand in the Last Times at the end of The Age of Pisces the enormous implications behind the meaning of the cross and its true capabilities.
&neo 2018-03-09 20:14:26