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2 comments on carsondellosa.com/cd2/Products/USGovernmentandPresidents/ResourceBook/104323

Attention educators thinking of purchasing this for your students. I recommend you look inside to see if this is actually the story you want your students to absorb. It is not based in fact and is merely the opinion of the author who is obviously not a student of history and doesn't mind playing fast and loose with the truth. #propaganda For example, under the presidents section the Berlin wall came down under George HW Bush when it was actually Reagan. The book also states the government prints money when it is in fact printed by the #Federal_Reserve which is a private bank and is as Federal as Federal Express.
&neo 2013-09-04 18:38:53

#US_Government_and_Presidents_Look_Inside #Amy_Gamble
&neo 2013-09-04 18:29:41