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1 comment on backdoorlogic.blogspot.com/2009/07/cordyceps-are-magic-mushroom-for.html

#Cordyceps are a #Magic #Mushroom for the #Elderly

It took me awhile to realize that my mom's dementia was getting worse. The thought of putting her in a nursing home kept me up at night. I did not want her to go to a home, I needed to find a solution that would allow her to be her old happy self. My search helped me to discover Cordyceps. I am absolutely amazed with the results of this magnificent health food and how it seems to cure #dementia in my elderly mom. Cordyceps have given my family and me a second chance to enjoy our mom. It's possible for everyone with a parent who's demented to get them to rejoin your world. From my personal experience, having my mom going from a demented state where she is screaming through the house about a baby being hurt or about "the man" being in bed with her, to my mom that I remembered all those years growing up. My mom is back... I can confide in her again. In my opinion, Cordyceps are a magic mushroom for the demented elderly which will bring them back to life and out of a nursing home prison.
&neo 2014-07-26 02:38:36