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I like the images of the scientists, comparing it to other store-bought 'burgers'... I guess you have to lower the bar to compare it.
&Rob 2013-08-05  

This article says nothing of the nature of the synthetic foodstuff .. from what is it derived ? Also, what is with these computer tech titans like Bill Gates moving into areas involving the human body. Why are they interested in messing with the biological order of things?
&GMO_Watch 2013-08-05  

Continued better living through science. First engineered plants - now banned throughout most of the world except here in the US Monsanto controlled corporatocracy due to health concerns. Now they want us to think genetically designed meat is a 'piece of cake' .. key quote here: And any problems with synthetic meat should be fixable... After all, it's not like meat is some magical substance that can't possibly be duplicated, especially if you grow it using the same DNA, nutrient inputs, and processes that take place inside a living animal's muscle. We're starting to be able to grow much more complex organs for transplants to help cure sick or injured people. Muscle is a piece of cake compared to most of these.
&Brad 2013-08-05  

The new Filet Americain?
&Pierre (hoh-hoh-hoh) 2013-08-05  

So... wait how is this going to be a loop hole for vegetarians to get of their high horse?
&Rob 2013-08-05  

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