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#yawining 1  


I don't think #Dolphins pimp out their kids to make ends meet. Which species is more evolved? In fact I would be honored if, in the spirit of the Indian Government granting Dolphins the legal status of 'Person' , I was granted a spiritual status of Non Cetacean 'Dolphin' by a local pod.
&Watcher 2013-08-13  

How evolved can we truly claim to be knowing there are places on the planet where a child "can understand that their parents sold them".
&zerotoinfinity 2013-08-13  

well it's a legalized way for the parents to pimp out their kids..has nothing to do with making it less enticing for the Saudi's to participate...we need to tackled the conditions that make it so desperate for the parents that they'd do something like this ..this scenario is as old as time unfortunately .. for example it is common knowledge that Joe, father of the Jackson 5 pimped out his kids .. #mkultra
&Morpheus 2013-08-12  

Shameful, these laws need to be adjusted. These kids deserve half of the assets, just like here in the US of A. That will slow things down. oh... and here we are being concerned about gays and #marriage . #Gays should read this and claim a new name for their union, don't let it be tainted by this filth.
&Rob 2013-08-12  

Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18
& 2013-08-11  

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