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yup nothing to see. So if he was investigating the Mob would this warrant a proper investigation? I mean it has all the hallmarks of a mob hit does it not?
&neo 2013-08-22  

Oh btw, less than 24 hours after he messaged colleagues to have a lawyer present if anyone from Govt agencies speaks with them, on the biggest story of his life... And did he blow through the light at Willoughby, approximately .3 miles north of Melrose? If so where are the videos? So he's either at wheel conscious through this or he's not, then can the vehicle travel almost a half mile with him asleep and not hit anything until that tree? Sure! Seems likely...... Nothing more to see here.
&zerotoinfinity 2013-08-22  

Seems to all be wrapped up in such a nice neat box. Nothing more to see here at all, please move along. You're implying it's not normal for someone who drives that neighborhood on the reg to be going more than twice the speed limit, flying through light(s?) and then yank a hard left into a tree? At which point one of the world's best cars blows up like a balsa wood structure?
&zerotoinfinity 2013-08-22  

Here's what they're trying to do here...He was paranoid...and that paranoia was compounded by the pot smoking .. gosh everyone knows that..he was seeing helicopters that didn't exist so he gunned it into a tree at top speed...because even though he was afraid they'd tamper with his car...that was just crazy thinking...cuz he was manic...then the brand new mercedes did what none of them ever do and blow to smithereens...
&neo 2013-08-22  

FAct ? did you draw the blood and conduct the test ? Also, pot makes you drive at time speed into a tree ? you and I know that ain't true. ...His behavior grew increasingly erratic. " hitpiece .. nterviews with friends as well as the coroner's report suggest that Hastings' mental health was deteriorating. As a young man, he'd abused drugs and alcohol and received a possible diagnosis of manic depression ..The guy who wrote this Gene Maddaus won't need to worry about having his car tampered with..
&neo 2013-08-22  

Fact: he had pot in his system!
&zerotoinfinity 2013-08-22  

&neo 2013-08-22  

Drugs in his system.... Guess that is that then, huh?
&zerotoinfinity 2013-08-22  

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