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THE #CONSTRUCT - Flat Earth #HumanoidsGodSlaves - YouTube

Best comment .. I am chagrined in these later years of a long and blessed life as I see - even within that beauty known as THE WAY - few who call themselves followers of that Way, have remained within THE GREAT OWNERS' MANUAL of The Father, Yahuwah, and His amazingly Selfless Son, Yahushua our True Messiah, regardless the percentage of those who have arrived at that perfectly certain conclusion, is that there is A WAY given us by the Apostle to the Gentiles, Shaul/Paul, well-known and understood 2 millennia ago, as evidenced by the accumulation of selflessly assured martyrs who like their Saviour, thought it far better to give up their lives in martyrdom, than to tell the world which has always been against them - and us as we follow Him, and them - there is nothing other than that which is seen with the eyes and heard with the ears, and whoever makes the most money and dies being worth the most in life, becomes the big winner! If this is what you think, what have you, really? I have spent 67 years on this Earth, and from my earliest memories, I have known there has surely been a Creator, for nothing just comes into being, for I have yet to see this occur before my own eyes! And as I have looked about me, and read my way to a possible understanding of life and death, I have realized living on this earth in these very days, is so much like that which is spoken of from the Sacred Scriptures, as THE LAST DAYS. I have gone through any of a number of rebirths, all of which has changed me, most often in positive ways; however, NOTHING has made the gigantic impression within my own being, that an understanding of the Everlasting Gospel - THE EVERLASTING GOOD NEWS - has made upon me, which I will tell you of, if you will listen for a few more minutes: Very few people have seen the true message of this good news, and so I will explain the beauty and ease whereby mankind might have eternal life, on the Earth Made New, which is an eternity, without those then living, EVER moving away from selfless love for all about us within the Universe of Yahuwah Eloah Almighty! Christianity has made a great mistake in receiving the words of Martin Luther: "For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith." You see, the initial mistake, was that Luther was still in a Catholic mind-set - a works mentality - and so this was not changed, although his feeling about the good news was changed. He moved from an emotional religion of I must do this and not do that! without realizing placing that "faith that saves," in our own hands, was simply to remain within a works mentality, when Paul did not mean this at all! There has been only ONE who ever lived a perfectly sinless life, and that One is Yahushua Messiah, for the so-called first pope, the apostle Peter, wrote thee words about Yahushua: "For even hereunto were ye called: because Messiah also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that YE SHOULD FOLLOW HIS STEPS: 22: Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: 23: Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously" (1Peter 2: 21 - 23, KJV). Yahushua did no sin, and because of this truth, so hard for us to believe who seem often to live always in sin, HE ALONE has the ability to live a life of faith IN US, such that even as He died as you and me on that cruel tree, if we will accept the beauty of the Good News, Him Who died AS US, is willing to place His perfect mind within us on a daily basis, so that if we ALSO choose to die daily to life on this Earth at the beginning of every new day the Father has given us, THEN, not by MY faith, but by Yahushua's faith as He daily lives in me, HE WORKS OUT MY SANCTIFICATION , such that in character, I become like Him, unto life eternal! If I choose to place the old man James Tilley under the waters of baptism every new day I am given, at the early morning start of each new day, such that I am no longer tossed to and fro in MY manner of living the Way (see Ephesians 4: 1 - 16), then self is chosen to remain out of my Saviour's way in death daily, that He will ensure I begin to become in character, all He can be if I give Him daily full control of my sinful flesh to sanctify! This then is the last day message that must be understood by the 144,000 who will begin that Message that will bring down the tyranny that has been about us since the Fall, such that these days before us, can become but a few more years of pain and suffering in the flesh, while we True Followers of The True Way, will bring forth a new understanding the adversary has amassed against us in these days, to annihilate the only fool-safe Plan against him, made between the Father and His only begotten Son, even before the foundation of the world! THIS is that call to all who are sick and tired of sinning, and feeling so tormented about there seeming to be no complete answer to this continuity of a life I do not want to continue living! Yahushua died as us! We simply must now daily learn how to place Him in full control of our sinful flesh every New Day given freely to us of the Father. Now please, pray faithfully, and ask for the spiritual help you need, to see the deep implications involved in these words from the apostle Paul, found in Colossians 1: 27; 1Corinthians 2: 16; Ephesians 4: 1 - 16; Romans Chapter 6. I will be praying for you. beginning tonight!"i>>?
&neo 2016-10-17  

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