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1 comment on home-barista.com/home-roasting/my-days-of-being-dogmatic-about-roasting-are-over-t16330.html

My days of being dogmatic about roasting are over - Home-Barista.com

Ken here visited the #DiedrichCoffeeRoaster manufacturing plant where he was able to get some time in with Stephen Diedrich, the owner about his roasting #philosophy and it changed the way he is now roasting his coffee beans. Primarily, Stephen believes that #FirstCrack of the bean should occur 11-13 minutes into the heating and he also feels that moisture in the bean can be a necessary component up until the end of the roast. Stephen also feels that the interval between first crack and the end of the roast should be 2 - 2.5 minutes otherwise at the conventional wisdom range of 4-5 minutes tends to flatten out the #coffee too much. this means that most total roast times should be 13-15.5 minutes.
&neo 2017-04-21 21:30:44