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1 comment on bbc.com/news/business-26383058

#Big_Data just got bigger and we need new tools and approaches to make the most of them

The US National Security Agency #NSA has built a huge data centre in Bluffdale, Utah - codenamed #Bumblehive - capable of storing a yottabyte of data - that's one thousand trillion gigabytes

Data is only as good as the #intelligence we can glean from it, and that entails effective data analytics and a whole lot of computing power to cope with the exponential increase in volume.

But a recent Bain & Co report found that of 400 large companies those that had already adopted big data analytics "have gained a significant lead over the rest of the corporate world."

Practically, anyone who makes, grows and sells anything can use big data analytics to make their manufacturing and production processes more efficient and their marketing more targeted and cost-effective.
&Rob 2014-03-04 18:04:13