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3 comments on avclub.com/review/hbo-documentary-banksy-does-new-york-asks-who-owns-211906

Review: The HBO documentary #Banksy Does New York asks, ?Who owns art??

Surprisingly neutral overview, almost a day by day play of the roll-out of the art appearances throughout the city. It features two individuals with the quest to see the art IRL before it disappears, tagged by another artist or simply destroyed. From my perspective it is a great historical recap with a bit of a dig to the Southampton Art Fair Market, and by the provided perspective, righteously so.

Watch it if you can and dedicate an hour and a half to focus on a journey of art, the treasure hunt chase and the inevitable broken dreams in the city that never sleeps. #Banksyny
&Rob 2015-02-05 13:51:20

Review: The HBO documentary Banksy Does New York asks, ?Who owns art?? . TV Review . The

&neo 2015-02-04 20:38:43

Review: The #HBO #documentary #Banksy Does #NewYork asks, ?Who owns art?? . TV Review .

Has anyone seen this ? i don't have cable so...
&neo 2015-02-04 20:25:37