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Prebiotics: Tending Our Inner Garden - YouTube

our immune system must constantly maintain a balance between tolerance to good bacteria while attacking bad bacteria. If we mess up this fine balance and start attacking harmless bacteria, it could lead to inflammatory bowel disease, where we're in constant red alert attack mode. The mechanism by which the immune system maintains this critical balance is the presence of #butyrate . Butyrate suppresses the inflammatory reaction, tells our immune system to stand down. So butyrate may behave as a microbial signal to inform our immune system that the relative levels of good bacteria are within the desired range. Butyrate calms the immune system down, saying, in effect, all's well; you got the good guys on board, ultimately rendering the intestinal immune system hyporesponsive, meaning accommodating to the beneficial bacteria. But in the absence of the calming effect of butyrate, our immune system is back in full force, attacking the bacteria within our gut because they're obviously not the right ones since butyrate levels are so low causing #inflamation .
&neo 2020-01-21  

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