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1 comment on youtube.com/embed/xba2AF_G2dk

High Altitude Balloon 16 - YouTube

#DyaneKellum here has spent the last couple of years conducting private #HighAltitudeBalloon launches with video cameras and other Scientific equipment in the payload. He uses a #GoPro camera without the distortion producing fisheye lens which shows us at 125,579 feet that not only is there no sign of curvature but the horizon rises to eye level which is the characteristic of a plane and not of a ball with a curve that would be falling away from view. This is his 16 attempt ..his tenacity is astounding. it reminds me of #AugustePiccard who in 1931 reached an altitude of 51.000 feet and returned to tell the world that earth looks like a plate with an upturned edge.
&neo 2018-11-20 06:54:05