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Verbatim: What Is a #Photocopier?

In 2010, the #Cuyahoga County Recorder?s Office in #Ohio changed their policy about copying records. #Digital_files would no longer be available, and the public would have to make hard copies of documents for $2 per page. This would prove to be prohibitively expensive for Data Trace Information Services and Property Insight, companies that collect hundreds of pages of this public information each week. They sued the Recorder?s Office for access to digital versions of the documents on a CD. In the middle of the case, a lawyer representing them questioned the IT administrator of the Recorder?s Office, which led to a 10-page argument over the semantics of photocopiers.

The case never went to trial. After two years, many depositions and 600 pages of paperwork, the Ohio #Supreme_Court decided that the Recorder?s Office should make a CD with the documents available to the public. The price?
One dollar.

#Brett_Weiner is a writer and director who lives in Los Angeles. His short film ?Verbatim? premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and won the #audience_award for best short film at the Dallas Film Festival.

source: The New York Times
&Rob 2014-05-01 19:10:04