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2 comments on d2hjf9a2dz967u.cloudfront.net/rich/rich_files/rich_files/66/full/new-york-times-for-web-02-big.jpg

#Banksyny Quote: It would be easy to view #OneWorldTradeCenter as a betrayal of everyone who lost their lives on #September_11_2001 because it so clearly proclaims the #Terrorists won. Those 10 men have condemned us to live in a world more mediocre than the one they attacked, rather than be the catalyst for a dazzling new one. Nobody comes to New York to bathe in your well-mannered common sense. We're here for the spirit and audacity. Of which OWT has none. Instead you have to look to the rooftops - to the chorus of precariously roller painted names and slogans crawling over the skyline like poison ivy. This is the city's true heritage - a city that made its name giving space to the mercurial and the brave.
&neo 2013-10-27 17:16:09

The biggest eyesore in NYC is not the graffiti, argues #Banksy, it's under construction at #GroundZero . #OneWorldTradeCenter #Shyscraper
&neo 2013-10-27 17:10:52