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7 comments on wtop.com/884/3416571/Study-Dolphins-can-problem-solve-like-humans

Requesting AI
&Morpheus 2013-08-12 13:01:34

Do I hear a request for Boolean filtering? :-)
&SubverseEng 2013-08-12 12:54:04

I mean #freedolphins and #dolphins...associating them..
&Morpheus 2013-08-12 12:14:16

Click on them in the left corner bar
&&Rob 2013-08-12 12:05:36

so how do we tie the hashtags that are all dolphin related together ?
& 2013-08-12 11:28:21

How do we feel about keeping dolphins in captivity? #freedolphins
&FreeWilly 2013-08-12 02:21:11

Study: #Dolphins can problem solve like humans
&PBWino 2013-08-11 22:54:41