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2 comments on walgreens.com/store/c/perrigo-ichthammol-ointment-20/ID=prod6020555-product

I love how it's under 'First Aid' as in First you need to go online and order then wait....while waiting your splinter festers and sends you to a 100 degree fever prompting an expensive emergency room trip with requisite gut flora destroying antibiotics. Thanks CVS and Walgreens.
&BigPharmaSuckIt 2013-08-12 21:48:21

#NotSoldInStores why the hell not ? Now that we're down to 2 pharmacy options in town thanks to no oversight by our govt. allowing anti-consumer mergers they seem to be carrying less and less homeopathic options. This salve was a staple 100 years ago for little first aid treatments such as splinter removal. It was known by all pharmacists. Just now I talked to a CVS pharmacist who had never heard of this.
&BigPharmaWatch 2013-08-12 21:46:22