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5 comments on vemma.com/verve/index.cfm?referrer=434622306&source=mv.com&opportunity=on&website_url=vemma4nutrition&IN&CO=&cou=USA

This thread is about a new #MLM_Business_Opportunity to represent the Verve energy drink product presented by Vemma. The cool thing is that this conversation is taking place at the same time on the Vemma site so ultimately it's success or failure will in part be dictated by the public sentiments presented here. Cheers.
&neo 2013-08-30 11:53:40

Tons of great info on this incredible product and company.... I can only say I love the #Vemma product I use! Being a former all-conference college athlete I can say with certainty that the ole body is responding incredibly to recent works in conjunction with the product. Liked energy drinks alright but the health formula is something else. Thanks #TheCardDoc and #jaybird for the info.
&zerotoinfinity 2013-08-30 06:10:02

Glad to see Verve up on here, Jaybird! Part of the beauty of this product, and also of this business is the simplicity. I think we all can appreciate that! My professional background is one where calculating risk and possibilities is paramount. Here's the bullet points of what I see with #Vemma, and why I got involved. Let's zoom out for a minute and look at the big picture. My logic comes from a combination of the following: 1. I think we all can agree that this day in age, things need to be simple, or the mass population simply won't do them. First and foremost, we've solved that. 2. Vemma has multiple options that could be a business within itself. Having 3 such solid pillars that connect with some different markets allows people to plug into something that vibes with them! 3. We add value to something people already spend money on; the difference? Vemma is a healthier choice. The energy drink market will choose the healthier option if they enjoy it. 4. Foundation and timing: Since inception, Vemma has proven itself within the market by growing to a $100M company in a 6 year time frame. Now that #Verve has gained traction, and incentives are placed into the compensation in a way that drives action, we have doubled to a $200M company in less than a year! We are poised and ready for the growth; laser focused 5. Credibility - Every single one of the 3 main pillars has amazing credibility! - Vemma - Dr. Oz - Verve - NBA and NHL - Bod-e line - Celebrity trainer Chris Powell (viewership of over 15M people for his show "Extreme Weight Loss". The thought that has been put in to build this thorough foundation is paying off in bankloads. 6. Lastly, the financial history of our leaders. Our CEO has paid out over $800,000,000 in commissions in his career. One of the most well respected in the industry, BK's vision permeates this company, helping people see more in themselves than they are able to see on their own, and in turn developing young leaders within the population. I haven't even mentioned the new launches that are already on tap and the fact that we now do business in over 50 countries. So, if I can recap quickly... innovative, high quality products to already proven markets, with a dynamic, experienced, and successful CEO, that is set up in a format that is so simple that anyone can do it. - #TheCardDoc
&TheCardDoc 2013-08-30 02:04:54

um do we have our first advertisement ? Looks like one of these mlm concoctions with the usual 'secret formula' .. no secrets on supverse...this is about uncovering secrets so seriously, now that we are here on the verve energy drink home page...sell me on why I would want to ingest this stuff?
&neo 2013-08-29 07:46:00

Insanely Healthy Energy Drinks #Verve
&jaybird 2013-08-29 02:54:31