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1 comment on theguardian.com/artanddesign/architecture-design-blog/2014/jun/05/rem-koolhaas-architecture-biennale-venice-fundamentals

#Rem_Koolhaas blows the ceiling off the Venice Architecture #Biennale

"#Architecture today is little more than cardboard," says Koolhaas, walking into a room where the plaster walls have been chipped away to reveal layers of Venetian brickwork, in front of which projects the plasterboard veneer of a new gallery wall, its perfect white surface held on slender metal brackets. "Our influence has been reduced to a territory that is just 2cm thick."

Now in his 70th year, Koolhaas is bristling with more impatience than ever. Together with his office, #OMA, he has worked on this show for almost four years - twice the usual time - and it will be on show for six months, double the normal length of the Architecture Biennale. Accompanied by a 15-volume catalogue of more than 2,000 pages, it has been a mammoth undertaking: smashing open the last 100 years of architecture and ripping out its innards for forensic #analysis.
&Rob 2014-06-09 18:16:15