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1 comment on spacenews.com/article/civil-space/40874us-government-eases-restrictions-on-digitalglobe

U.S. Government Eases Restrictions on DigitalGlobe

Just after the announcement that Google bought a Satellite company.
The image resolution has been increased from 50-centimeter imagery, that can distinguish objects of that size or larger.

DigitalGlobe's planned WorldView-3 satellite, which will feature a ground sampling distance of 31 centimeters, is slated for launch Aug. 13 or 14 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, the company said.

For that satellite, "updated approvals" will permit DigitalGlobe to sell black-and-white images with 25-centimeter resolution, along with color images at 1-meter resolution, to all customers six months after it is declared operational.
&Rob 2014-06-11 15:48:30