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1 comment on patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US3322374-0.png

Magnetohydrodynamic propulsion apparatus 1967 #patent by James King jr.

#AlienReproductionVehicle #USPTO_3322374

The present invention relates in general to craft propelled by #magnetohydrodynamic elfects and methods of propulsion and control thereof, and more particularly to heavier-than-air craft which are propelled by interaction of magnetic fields upon electrically conductive fluids such as plasma, surrounding the craft.

The technological field of magnetohydrodynamics, frequently referred to as #MHD, is concerned with the study of dynamic effects of magnetic fields upon electrically conducting fluids, a prime example of which is plasma. The term plasma, has been variously defined as a space charge neutralized ion cloud containing substantially equal numbers of positive ions and negative electrons, or any mixture of particles, some of which are charged, Whose spatial dimension exceeds the Debye length and where the percentage of the mixture that is ionized contains an approximately equal number of positive and negative particles so that the overall aggregate is electrically neutral.

#Zero-point_energy #field_propulsion
&Rob 2014-07-23 14:30:43