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2 comments on kickstarter.com/projects/505428730/blink-wire-free-hd-home-monitoring-and-alert-syste?ref=popular

Only 12 days to go to support a wireless Home Monitoring system

The goal is to help protect your home and your pocketbook: Blink starts at just $49 (with no monthly fees), and its unique design makes it easy to create and expand a system that's just right for your apartment, home or business, for a fraction of the cost of other home monitoring devices.
&Rob 2014-08-22 22:35:57

12 days left: #Blink a Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System

Blink is battery-powered and truly wire-free, so it's simple to place, position and move within any environment. Create a system that covers your entryways and windows, monitors the garage, or keeps a watchful eye over the kids' rooms (or even the cookie jar). Plus, our unique technology delivers more than a full year of battery life for extended, no-hassle peace of mind.
&Rob 2014-08-22 15:21:11
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