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1 comment on inc.com/business-insider/8-personality-traits-highly-intelligent-genius-people-share-according-to-science.html

8 Traits That Point to Genius, According to Science | Inc.com

8 #personality traits of people with high levels of #cognition. 1. They're highly adaptable. 2. They understand how much they don't know. a classic study by Justin Kruger and David Dunning, which found that the less intelligent you are, the more you overestimate your cognitive abilities. 3. They have insatiable curiosity. 4. They're open-minded. 5. They like their own company. 6. They have high self-control. 7. They're really funny. 8. They're sensitive to other people's experiences. Seems as if they have a higher #empathy quotient.
&neo 2018-04-19 14:03:07