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1 comment on youtube.com/embed/irElqdYUfZs

Google Play Mini-Doc: The Rolling Stones Bootleg Series - YouTube

13:00 #KeithRichards talking about his #Telecaster is a real handy #swacker when you need to take out a crazy lunatic who had jumped up on stage to rush #MichJagger . Keith chops the guy in the neck, knocks him into the drums of #CharlieWatts who just keeps going and Keith moves right back into #Satisfaction with the guitar staying in perfect tune. He says it's a great advertisement for #FenderGuitars . Another memorable quote from Keith .. Once went to a party at #MuddyWaters' house, and woke up at #HowlinWolf's house...don't know how that happened. haha. This documentary is a great look at life on the road for the #RollingStones over the decades and is full of rich, humorous #anecdotes.
&neo 2018-11-12 12:20:24