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#Painter #Renoir's last female model, before he passed, in motion in this story by Zola.

#Nana was filmed in 1926 and was Jean Renoir's (the son of the famous painter) second full length #silent_film which is full of extravagance including a horse race and open air ball. The movie did not do very well and put Jean out of business for many years.
The film stars Renoir's wife, #Catherine_Hessling, in an eccentric performance as the flawed heroine Nana who brings a successful government official down to a level of destruction instead of rising to possible success herself.

Catherine Hessling was born Andree Heuschling in 1900 and was recommended either by Renoir's wife or Renoir's friend #Henri_Matisse as a perfect subject for Renoir's paintings. She can be seen as the inspiration in many of Renoir's later paintings and these movies by his son illustrate some of the flow and movement that was translated into brushstrokes.
There are 15 silent movies that feature Catherine and Nana is a fairly faithful adaptation of #'Emile_Zola's classic novel.
&Rob 2014-05-27 14:05:59