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1 comment on youtube.com/embed/T825ECVW_Qo

#IMF Seals #Ukraine's Implosion - Joaquin Flores - YouTube

The invasion of Ukraine by the international banksters marks the beginning of another cycle of genocide and pillage of the native people of that region. Look up the photographs of little blonde headed children with swollen stomachs, skin and bones, naked and starving during the last invasion of Ukraine by the Bankster backed #Bolsheviks. Today they call themselves the #IMF_NATO. This interview gives an excellent analysis of the situation, taking it as a given that the revolution is always phony, is always a strategy of bait and switch, always leads to austerity measures, and is always implemented just at the point where real improvements in society are underway. Nothing new here, it applies to every revolution that ever was. Truly satanic, but only if we fall for the trick.
&neo 2014-04-06 16:23:50