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1 comment on youtube.com/embed/PCQFm7PjWb8

Iran Facts - YouTube

This blatant piece of #AntiIranPropaganda just appeared before I was about to view another vid. It portends to present 'facts' about the evil Iran and how they DARE to call the Drone Striking, torture employing, sovereign country invading, depleted uranium lobbying, United States the great Satan. We therefore should keep up #sanctions and continue to kill the kids. OK now, peaking of facts...some are glaringly absent from this youtube channel . 1. What is the name of the organization behind this and where do they get their funding? 2. How do these #sanctions affect the people of the country ? 3. Will these sanctions cause the people of that part of the world to view the US as even more of a great Satan for employing these sanctions ? etc..There are NO facts here.
&neo 2013-11-24 12:02:02