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2 comments on youtube.com/embed/LOyBfihjQvI

Also exposed is the methodology for the structure of so called #Government_Commissions as a political tool to peform multiple tasks including taking the heat off a hot button issue momentarily only to resurrect it later after the commission has arrived at a pre-ordained conclusion. This is done as the organizers draw up the #Terms_of_Reference guidelines which set forth what will and will not be looked at by the commission. For example, the #911_Commission failing to look for the presence of explosives at the WTC site because it wasn't in the guidelines. Also, #Building_7 investigation wasn't in the #Terms_of_Reference for the commission.
&neo 2013-09-27 21:12:53

#James_Corbett exposes the #IPCC #Climate_Change Fraud and their presentation of 'scientific data' that is compiled and derived in a completely unscientific manor. The goal of the IPCC being increased global tax revenues and a Financial Markets #Boondoggle
&neo 2013-09-27 21:04:50