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4 comments on youtube.com/embed/KGXlJRkg7Ds

#Albert_Pike The great wealth of an organization or society lies in it's symbols. These are it's locked soul and the symbols can unlock the souls of those who seek to understand.
&neo 2013-08-20 21:17:13

The true and essential knowledge is never available to man in a natural state. He must receive it by through an insight, revelation, intuition or personal experience which he cannot share with others. He can attempt to share but the moment a 'knowing' passes from him to another and is accept by that other as a belief it still can only be KNOWN by him.
&neo 2013-08-20 10:06:23

The language of #Symbolism invites us all to search for meaning. Symbolism is a language relating to a particular kind material or level of fact and has persisted for thousands of years as a symbol because men have have never found a better way to perpetuate a fact than through a symbol.
&neo 2013-08-20 09:50:04

Albert Pike and symbols as told by #Manly_P_Hall . The moment we attempt to attach meaning to a new and growing concept we blight it with an early frost. If we are to accept any of the thousand meanings already attached to a symbol, we deprive ourselves the greatest adventure of all..the personal exploration of the idea. The search within ourselves for meaning.
&neo 2013-08-20 09:45:12