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1 comment on youtube.com/embed/AiHxJx0dawI&t

Timeline for Global Crypto-Currency Acceptance, Digitizing Commodities & Mini Ice Age Crop

This documentary covers the method to internationalize ALL property, #commodities, #labor and assets onto their ACC #Blockchain & Token, controlled by the Bank of International Settlements - #BIS through China's quantum network. #China was given the task of making the #SDR a reality, so control of the facilities and network build out go to the creator. USA developed .com for the internet, China developed Quantum Network and #ACChain for digitization of all global assets. Moving forward as crop yields decrease with the intensification of the new Grand Solar Minimum, purchase, and delivery of bulk ag commodities will take place through the blockchain in smart contracts in a series of moves Digitized the asset, then do an ICO thereby allowing others to own a portion of the asset. This is a #MustWatch for anyone looking into #CryptoCurrency and our future.
&neo 2017-08-17 13:30:00