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1 comment on youtube.com/embed/694QJ2YZm0M

How to tell when the #government has conducted another #False_Flag staged shooting event. 1. The shooter is former military. 2. The shooter was on medication 3. The shooter is a military mental health patient 4. The shooter has top secret clearence 5. There are initially multiple reports of numerous gunmen. 6. in the end we're left with the '#lone_gunman theory 7. Success requires help 8. The shooter is killed so cannot be questioned 9. Shooting happens in contained government facility 10. The location of the shooting is a #gun_free_zone 11. The government is simultaneously running #active_shooter_drills 12. The #Main_Stream_Media jumps on the story in concert all saying the same thing ..repeating government talking points before facts are known 13. Congress has legislation ready to pass instantly 14. The guns involved are the ones the politicians want to ban .. Semi-auto handgun, shotgun, and AR-15 15. The local police take a while to respond resulting in additional casualties . In the end one must apply #Cui_Bono who benefits ?
&neo 2013-09-28 00:31:33