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1 comment on prisonplanet.com/u-s-admits-its-mh17-evidence-is-based-on-youtube-clips-social-media-posts.html

#U.S. Admits Its #MH17 #Evidence' is Based on #YouTube Clips & #Social Media

Well well well...They present this crap to us on the #MainStreamMedia that they have nearly rock solid proof of the perps of this tragedy then when pressed they admit they get their info from the same sources you and I do...So much for #TrillionDollar defense budgets and high tech satellites situated directly above the incident that is not of much use in this case..but Anonymous posts to the Internet are gold. They are surely hiding something...when is the last time we saw our Psychopaths in Washington try to pull off this misdirect ? #Benghazi
&neo 2014-07-24 12:42:07