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1 comment on gtspirit.com/2014/03/04/official-maserati-defieri-concept/gallery/153289/10769/?r=1&vid=1422#tp

#Maserati Alfieri concept drawn by #Lorenzo_Ramaciotti revealed in Geneva

Maserati has clocked one of the early surprises of this year's Geneva show with this #Alfieri concept.

It's a potential vision of a more affordable Maserati than anything in the firm's current line-up - a bottom-of-the-range 2+2 hatchback to sit below the #GranTurismo, and built on a lightweight aluminum platform.

It's been drawn by #Lorenzo_Ramaciotti, who says the short wheelbase sportster pays homage to the old A6GCS.
&Rob 2014-03-04 17:56:55