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1 comment on globalresearch.ca/the-neocons-project-for-the-new-american-century-american-world-leadership-syria-next-to-pay-the-price/5305447

It is important to put Syria in historic political context by understanding the #Neocons in their #PNAC public statements. On 20th September 2001 PNAC sent a letter to Bush: “ … recommending the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, even if no direct link to the 9/11 attack were found.” Time to redeem American: “supremacy in global politics (and for) regime changes in Iraq, Iran and #Syria .” This is the continued march towards #Regime change in Syria not because they supposedly dropped a bad bomb on their own people but because they want him out. They need a pretext even if they need to create one on their own and then pin it on #Assad.
&neo 2013-08-30 12:13:51