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1 comment on getbevel.com/bevelcode/culture/the-aesthetic-legacy-of-basquiats-crowns

The Aesthetic Legacy of #Basquiat's Crowns | Bevel

THE #CROWNS The thoughtfully chicken scratched headdresses of Basquiat that strategically stalked early 1980s downtown New York City now adorn everything: art, sneakers, black bar doors in hipster heavy neighborhoods and t-shirts in said neighborhoods. The crowns mean a little bit of everything. They're original. They're clich~A(c). They're everywhere. They're counter-culture. They make the stans of old and new feel some kind of way when they see one. It's hip-hop's new gold chain. As the 21st century steams forward with a political urgency unseen since the 60s, #Basquiat is an on-time icon.
&neo 2018-09-14 23:21:58