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1 comment on fastcompany.com/3043047/most-creative-people/how-one-company-convinced-anthony-bourdain-to-shill-scotch

How One Company Convinced #AnthonyBourdain To #Shill As It Rebrands #Scotch | Fast Company

As a renegade from the culinary establishment and a critic of the food industry, brand partnerships go against his whole ethos. So it came as something of a shock when Bourdain announced last month that he was going to become the public face of The Balvenie, a Scotch brand produced by the family-owned William Grant & Sons company. "As you would expect, he was very skeptical of the proposition when we first brought it up," says Andy Weir, senior brand manager at The Balvenie. "We knew that he hadn't done an endorsement before, so we were prepared for a difficult conversation."
&neo 2015-03-03 12:05:54