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4 comments on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short-term_memory#Dynamic_Tagging_Theory

#Chunking is the process by which one can expand his/her ability to #remember things in the short term. Chunking is also a process by which a person organizes material into #meaningful_groups . Although the average person may retain only about four different units in short-term memory, chunking can greatly increase a person's recall capacity. For example, in recalling a phone number, the person could chunk the digits into three groups: first, the area code (such as 123), then a three-digit chunk (456), and, last, a four-digit chunk (7890). This method of remembering phone numbers is far more effective than attempting to remember a string of 10 digits.
&neo 2013-09-15 18:45:35

#Rehearsal is the process where information is kept in short-term memory by mentally repeating it. When the information is repeated each time, that information is reentered into the short-term memory, thus keeping that information for another 15 to 20 seconds (the average storage time for short-term memory)
&neo 2013-09-15 18:43:10

ccording to the available evidence, the best overall estimate of short-term memory is about four pieces or "chunks" of information
&neo 2013-09-15 18:41:19

#Short_Term_Memory #Dynamic_Tagging_Theory
&neo 2013-09-15 18:39:23