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1 comment on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsara

Saṃsāra - Wikipedia

#Samsara means "he flows into himself," to perpetually wander, to pass through states of existence. The concept of samsara is closely associated with the belief that one continues to be born and reborn in various realms in the form of a human, animal, or other being (depending on karma).[9] Jainism maintains that one who accrues a significant amount of bad karma can also be reborn as a plant or even as a rock,[10] and similar tendencies can be found in Purāṇas, in the Bhagavadgītā, in the Manusmṛti[11] and in similar texts. Nonetheless, most philosophic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism[12] maintain that plants and even more obviously rocks cannot be included in samsāra since they lack the possibility of experience (bhoga) and, hence, of karma.
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