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2 comments on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_pye

&Brad 2013-08-01 16:30:02

From Lloyd himself to refute what is found on this page: [Wackypedia only acknowledges their own sources—the journals of mainstream science. If material is offered from any “unapproved” journal or book or ebook—anything opposing their locked-in, rigid viewpoint—they consider it invalid for inclusion. Thus, the Wacky editors allow only what they want to be posted, which is often at wild variance from the truth, as is the case with my page here and pages of many other alternative researchers around the world. =========== Some of Lloyd's editorial: [I am not famous. To a certain extent in the world of alternative knowledge I am well known for my support of the Intervention Theory of the origins of life on Earth, and especially of human origins, which did involve ancient astronauts. But I am equally well-known, if not more so, for my work with the Starchild Skull, which all indications suggest is the relic skull of a human-alien hybrid.] ============ [This addresses the central core of my work, which is illustrating that abundant solid evidence exists to prove the mainstream scientific community is as wrong as it can possibly be about how humans have come to be on Earth. It also points out that a stated objective of Wackypedia is to vigorously support whatever is considered the mainstream consensus at any given time. So their utmost priority is not seeking truth but supporting the ossified ideology of mainstream science.]
&Brad 2013-08-01 16:16:11